Mediterranean Inspired Sauces & Recipes

What started as a little kitchen experiment of favorite family recipes has turned into what is now our signature product. It’s what started our company. While inspired by Middle-Eastern dishes, Joe’s Garlic Sauce delivers a delicious, zesty flavor that compliments just about everyone’s favorite foods.



Joe's Garlic Sauce

NonGMOColor-smA zesty vegan combination of Garlic, Lemon Juice, salt and Canola oil. Perfect as a dipping sauce, for grilled vegetables, chicken, beef, fish or on a burger or sandwich!


Conflict Free Cooking

Conflict-Free Cooking: My Favorite Middle Eastern Recipes

Authentic Middle East cooking is explored from Joe’s Minnesota kitchen with delicious and easy recipes gathered and refined during his many travels abroad and made for family and friends.


Joe's NEW Savory Roasted Red Pepper & Walnut Sauce

Joe's Savory Roasted Red Pepper & Walnut Sauce

Our Savory Sauce is a delectably flavorful combination of sweet red peppers, rich walnuts, and a mix of spices and breadcrumbs, skillfully refined to create a flavor unlike any other.

Garlic Cheese Spread

Joe’s Four Cheese & Garlic Cheese Spread

Our new spread, Joe’s Four Cheese & Garlic Cheese Spread, features an artisanal combination of four cheeses and Joe’s Original Garlic Sauce. Everything you love about the Original Joe’s Garlic Sauce, but with cheese.