Joe’s Story: A Passion for Cooking

Thank Joe Woog’s Grandmother.

Even as a small child, it was his live-in Grandma who nurtured Joe Woog’s passion for cooking. Sharing the kitchen together, he was captivated by the culinary process and stood beside her as she shared her skills, techniques and methods handed down from generation to generation. As a team, they would bring family recipes to life, frequently embellishing and refining them to meet their own high standards. Above all, Joe was taught never to cut corners and to always use the freshest ingredients available.

His fascination continued as he developed a simple approach to multi-cultural cooking that everyone could master. “It is something my mom’s mom told me—you don’t have to be Italian to make pasta, and you don’t have to be a German or from the Balkans to make Grandma Woog’s Potato Soup. You just have to love the process and love to eat.”

Joe’s culinary focus was on simple, delicious dishes that came from Central and Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East. He gained additional cooking knowledge and insight from his world travels that included Mexico, Greece, Istanbul, Croatia, Syria and Russia.

Over time he learned that one of his own “special sauces” fit well with most of the cuisine he cooked and was a huge hit with family and friends. That sauce is now aptly-named “Joe’s Garlic Sauce”

Joe passed away in 2013 but his memory lives on. We hope these products and recipes from his kitchen give you a taste of Joe’s spirited life and enhance your food experiences as they continue todo ours.


The Woog Family

The Woog Family

Here are a few photos of Joe and the Woog family!