Below are some questions we frequently get from customers about Joe’s Garlic Sauce. If you have one thats not on the list, please contact us to ask!

How long will JGS last once it’s opened?

None of our products contain any preservatives. They’re meant to be made and eaten fresh. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t last a while in your refrigerator.  Each container is labeled with a “best by:” date and that should be followed. We also recommend that you finish each container withing 4-6 weeks after opening.  The exposure to things in the air, humidity and food (from people dipping directly into the container – you know you’ve done it!) are the leading causes of a shorter-than-expected shelf life.

I noticed that there was a little oil on the top of the container after a few weeks, can I still use it?

Yes, all you need to do is mix it with a spoon and enjoy!

The salad dressing is great, what can I do to give it additional flavor?

We suggest that you add about 2 T. of dried mint to the salad greens and then pour in the dressing.

When should JGS be used when grilling?

With JGS you have several options.

  • You can marinate your meat/poultry/fish in a marinade made with JGS—60 minutes to 6 hours.
  • If you are making burgers, you can add 2 T. of JGS to your meat mixture prior to form the patties.
  • You can brush JGS on your grilled food 2-3 minutes before you take it from the heat.  The flavors will seep into the food.
  • Serve JGS in a bowl as a condiment to enjoyed with your grilled food
  • When grilling corn on the cob, we suggest you pull back the husks and silk and brush on melted butter and JGS.  Replace the husks and grill.  Keep the melted butter and JGS in a bowl on the table to brush on after cooking for added flavor.

How can I use JGS when cooking for a crowd?

  • Try using JGS as the base for large or individual pizzas. If doing individual pizzas, have your guests make their own by starting with JGS on the pizza crust and adding their favorite toppings. When the pizzas are ready to enjoy, put JGS in a bowl and enjoy as a dipping sauce.
  • Add ¼ cup to your favorite chili or Sloppy Joe recipe—it will perk up the flavor
  • Time for a baked potato bar or a taco bar—use JGS as a topper for baked potatoes, mix it with salsa and top your potato, and use it as a sauce for your tacos!