One sauce. So many uses.

Mix with white balsamic vinegar and some herbs for a tasty salad dressing

A great dip for grilled or baked seafood

Add Joe’s to tomato paste to create the perfect polenta

Add Joe’s to your favorite pasta sauce. Fantastico!

Spread Joe’s on your favorite bread and top with smoked salmon

Kick up your favorite salsa for an original dip

 Blend Joe’s with an avocado and lemon juice for a tasty sandwich spread

 Mix with lemon juice or zest and use on or as a dip for cooked vegetables

 Add Joe’s to sour cream for your baked potato or as a taco topping

 Mix Joe’s with soy sauce and pour over cooked vegetables or baked/broiled fish

 Mayo getting boring? Use Joe’s Garlic Sauce on your favorite sandwich or Panini

 And oh yes, it makes a delicious dip for French Fries


Marinate your favorite beef, poultry or seafood in Joe’s Garlic Sauce (see this recipe). Mix it with soy sauce when stir-frying or cooking your favorite Asian meals!


Perfect for your favorite sandwich, wrap or panini. Try it as a flavorful (and healthier) alternative to mayo, mustard, butter or horseradish sauce on cured meats.

Signature Dishes

A kitchen must! Add excitement to salads, soups, pizzas, panini’s, vegetables, and pasta dishes.

Vegetables & Salads

Create a zesty salad dressing by adding olive oil and lemon juice (see this recipe). Serve with greens or cooked pasta. Mix it with vegetables after cooking. And who doesn’t love garlic and potatoes — add it to your mashed potatoes recipe or use it as a topping for baked potatoes.


Brush on meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables prior to grilling or baking, or serve it as a dip on the side. Mix it with scrambled eggs — you won’t believe the taste!


The perfect dip for fresh vegetables, chips, and crackers. Add Joe’s Garlic Sauce to prepared dips, salsa, cheese spreads — we’ve even tried it on deviled eggs! Spread it on bruschetta or pizza crust as a base, then simply add your favorite toppings!