2019: New Year, New Focus

2019: New Year, New Focus

As we welcome the new year, Joe’s Sauces would like to share some changes we are making in regards to our product offering for 2019.

Our success since launching Joe’s Garlic Sauce has been tremendous. We are proud of our brand, and over the years have demonstrated a dedication to both our brand and our customers. From line expansions to broader distribution, we have achieved steady growth. This has come through partnership with and consistent support from our community — retailers and customers alike!

We are continually looking for ways to better serve our customers and community. As such, we have made the decision to discontinue two of our products — Joe’s Savory Sauce & Joe’s Four Cheese Garlic Spread — and instead channel all our energy into our original product: Joe’s Garlic Sauce.

This single sauce has astounding flexibility, and boasts the most versatility of any product in our current triad. With its wide array of uses across multiple meal categories and cuisines, it truly is a staple ingredient. We believe that with more focus on this versatile product, we will be better able to serve our community with a broader array of meal ideas that can be achieved with a single product!

Joe’s Sauces is committed to helping you bring in and retain customers by demoing our product. Customers love the great taste of Joe’s Garlic Sauce as shared with us during our demos in stores. Find out where we’ll be next, and come enjoy a sample of our product and get meal and recipe ideas for cooking with JGS!

We cherish the experience that has culminated in our accomplishment to date, and again thank you for your partnership and support. We look forward to seeing you in-store soon at a demo, and throughout our community.

To health and happiness — and sharing good food in the kitchen.